Space to spread wings

Developing an appetite for learning

Our community learning centers are friendly and safe learning spaces that attract children from the community to engage in learning. Located near urban slums, they are easily accessible to children living in these communities and encourage them to explore, experiment, and express themselves.

Children receive after-school support that strengthens their understanding of academics and improves their overall appetite for learning. Our activity-based approach focuses on their holistic development. Our facilitators create a zone of curiosity and creativity that help youngsters discover their true potential.

Put the fun back in learning

We respect the learning needs and abilities of each child, and make the learning process enjoyable through fun tools and activities.

A non-threatening environment

We empower children to experiment and express themselves in ways they find comfortable. Including using their mother tongue and the local language. Our sessions see diversity of language, thoughts, and ideas!

Child-centric and flexible

Our facilitators design and modify activities in response to the needs of the participants. No child is forced to participate in an activity, or even attend the centre.

Community involvement

From guiding parents to support their children, to helping them sort out conflicts and queries – we engage with them constantly. We also encourage community leaders and SDMCs to participate in festivals or events held at our centres, thus making them stakeholders in the holistic development of children.

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