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Believe in education? We’re looking for you.

We’re looking for you.Along with empowerment, our vision is also to build a social movement where education of children is given prime importance. We want to create an ecosystem that supports the cause. Our volunteers, like you, are key pillars of that. You are change agents and role models and get involved in our work.


Donate and raise funds

Choose a programme or a centre, and offer monetary support directly. You can also raise funds for our cause, through your personal events, or public events like marathons. We also accept donation of learning resources and supplies.


Volunteer- Join our initiatives and offer your time and skills. Teach children, read to them, play with them, and conduct workshops across centres. Accompany children on outdoor trips and be part of our annual events.

Be an advocate for Makkala Jagriti

Be our voice, wherever you go. Help us spread our reach by referring more volunteers, talking about our cause, recommending children from marginalised communities, or even offering to find opportunities of employment. We appreciate it all.

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