Where you are born, does not limit how far you go

Our vision

Create a value-based social movement to empower the child and its community towards a bright future.


Our mission

Makkala Jagriti facilitates holistic development for children and diverse groups, in and around the community, to build a sustainable and equitable society

Our Core values

At Makkala Jagriti we see the world from a child’s point of view. Our child-centric approach allows us to respect the child’s physical, professional and learning boundaries. We unconditionally accept all children, irrespective of their background, gender and ability level. We trust and believe that the children have the freedom to make their own choices.

From an idea to a movement

Prior to starting Makkala Jagriti, Joy Srinivasan facilitated the journey of transformation for many marginalized children for over a decade. They were able to transcend from fear of education to legitimately claim the learning space at schools that rightfully belonged to them. Each child became a beacon of hope and role model back in their homes and community. The process of transformation of many children inspired her to start a NGO Makkala Jagriti in 2003

Today, Makkala Jagriti has become a movement by impacting thousands of children, youth, parents and teachers over the years by institutionalising its work model inside urban poor settlements, government schools and shelter homes.


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