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Empowering parents to be effective stakeholders in their child’s development


Enabling to be a better parent

Parents are critical stakeholders in a child’s life and influence the child everyday. The parents we work with are mostly domestic workers, construction labourers, garment factory workers, vegetable vendors or auto drivers who often lack the bandwidth, awareness or skills to support the academic, social and emotional needs of the child. When being a parent is largely about battling socio-economic odds, little time left to understand their children.

These parents rarely are given the opportunity or space for self-development or to build skills for better parenting; making our work with them very significant.

Our programmes enable them to





Mother of 2 daughters at MV garden

We learnt a lot here at the parents’ workshop, it has been a great learning experience. We have a learnt a lot from the activities, from the movie shown and most of all from other participants. We tend to control our children so much all the time we learnt the importance of giving them freedom with responsibility...Read more...



Mother of a daughter at Valluvarpuram

Trust children, be friendly with children, take good care of them, respect children - I had never had these realisations before. These are so important and a great learning for me. The Trust walk made me believe that I can trust my children to take care of me and lead me. It was a great experience and will be with me forever.



Mother of 3 daughters, Valluvarpuram

After the parents' programme, I have become calmer and speak to my children with more patience. I used to fight and shout at my husband a lot before, I have become more understanding now. I used to scold my children for not studying or not listening to me, but now I treat them more as friends... Read more...

Our approach



We focus on the self-development of parents based on understanding their own strengths, values, emotional intelligence, listening and communication skills and coping with all odds they encounter- all through experiential learning.



Parents get the space to bond with their children by understanding their aspirations and desires, build trust with their children and how to be a facilitative rather than a controlling parent.


Our community

Parents and children together acknowledge and appreciate the contribution of the eco system they live in. This brings a community development understanding to them.

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