‘Many studies have shown that children learn best in an environment that encourages exploration, experimentation and freedom.’

Children from marginalized communities in our country seldom get an opportunity to explore learning beyond the regular school curriculum. They grow in an environment where their freedom and ability to think is often curtailed due to poverty and ignorance. Their voices go unheard.


Makkala Jagriti in 2003 began as an endeavor to create a platform for such children to experience a holistic learning and grow to be empowered youth and adults who become agents of change in their communities. Holistic development for children is no more a luxury, but an essential to build oneself. Therefore it is necessary to create a space where children can learn in a non-threatening and free environment. Through our Learning Centers we endeavor to provide children with space to expand into their full, distinct, manifested selves. We believe that whatever be circumstances of one’s life or the shape of one’s past, there lies in each one of us the ability to transcend these makings and emerge smarter, stronger, finer.

Ever since the inception of the organization we have been evolving and growing, with a mission to reach out to as many children as possible we have the Learning Centers set up at communities, government schools and the government shelter homes.  At our learning centers, children irrespective of their background are welcomed and accepted. We facilitate non-formal education through activities which focus primarily on Intellectual, Emotional, Social, Psychological, Physical and Spiritual development of children.