Space to enjoy learning

Supplement formal, academic education at government schools; make learning holistic, meaningful, and relevant.

Inspiring a love for knowledge

Imagine a warm, colourful room, which children claim as their own. Where math is not intimidating and English is a game to play. That’s a Makkala Jagriti school centre, where children learn and discover their strengths in a comfortable, friendly environment. Trained facilitators understand and thoughtfully-designed syllabus supplements academic training, with a focus on experiential learning.

We partner with government schools in urban and rural areas to set up such centres within their premises. Through this, we institutionalise holistic learning in the public education system, and increase its reach as well as impact.

Put the fun back in learning

Learning aids, worksheets, and tools tailored to the child’s needs and environment. Lessons are activity based and encourage children to share their views.

Child-centric by design

We respect each child’s developmental pace and needs. Instead of pushing all children to meet uniform learning goals, we empower them to be the best versions of themselves.

Facilitators, not teachers

We value equality, empathy, and integrity. Which is why our facilitators and the children sit together in a circle during an interaction. No hierarchies, no barriers.

Community involvement

We make teachers and parents key stakeholders in the process, thus empowering the community to support the child’s learning needs.

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