A space that empowers, not just shelters

A positive twist to the tale

Orphaned and runaway children in shelter homes have immense potential which is mostly hidden in them. What they need is a chance to ignite this potential, and an environment of trust and care. With this firm belief, we offer creative, socio-emotional, and physical development programmes to enable children in shelter homes develop their skills and transition into responsible, mature adults.

Life skills development is a key part of our work here. Through activities, play, and non-formal modes of learning, we assist children in building self awareness, critical thinking, coping skills, and conflict resolution skills. Since many children here have traumatic pasts and have been exposed to extreme abuse, our efforts help youngsters with anger management, stress release, and overall emotional development.

Establish trust, respect boundaries

It’s important for children and staff at shelter homes to respect each other, as well as define and abide by rules. This helps build trust. We facilitate the creation of such an environment, as the first step of our work.

Involve all stakeholders

We use a collaborative approach to identify and meet the key needs at shelter homes. This process brings together the staff, government officials, NGOs, resource persons, etc, and ensures we work towards a common vision.

Build capacity in staff

We build capacity among shelter home staff to help them achieve the shared vision. They function as change agents, taking ownership of the milestones and goals.

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