Capacity Building Program

Makkala Jagriti’s expansion plan is Training of Trainers. Our aim is to work with

  • Governments Schools  (both Rural and Urban)
  • NGOs  (Karnataka and other states)
  • Urban Poor Settlement – Bangalore

We constantly need to find newer ways to reach out to a wider range of vulnerable children and create opportunities for holistic and inclusive learning that will enable and empower them to counter adverse influences that are otherwise beyond the reach of Makkala Jagriti as well as the schools where they study or the communities/shelters where they reside.

In its effort to include and impact more children, Makkala Jagriti partners with other agencies and institutions to build the capacity of those stakeholders who play a critical role in a child’s life; be it parents, teachers, guardians or role models. Makkala Jagriti also works on building the institutional capacity by designing child friendly and participatory approaches, programs and tools that make learning easy and fun!


  • Create an environment of inclusive experiential learning where learning is not seen as an end goal but a process.
  • Train teachers/adults/community people in better pedagogical practices, improved facilitation and communication skills and participatory approaches to create a child friendly educational environment that will engage students in the classroom and motivate them to complete their education.
  • Establish a Learning Center model inside each school/community by enabling teachers/adults.
  • Life skills development – Self-awareness and empathy, Communication and interpersonal relationships, Decision making and problem solving, Creative thinking and critical thinking, Coping with emotions and coping with stress. Values and perceptions. Mental Models and Stereotype
  • Child well-being in the context of teacher-student relationship – Appreciate effort, Avoid comparisons, Avoid labeling, Avoid criticism, Set boundaries for maintaining discipline with the participation of children, Appreciate skills, Emotional world of the child – feelings, anger management, personal space, personal safety, Accepting and respecting each other, etc.

Makkala Jagriti began its pilot project with Government School Teachers at Ongole, Andhra Pradesh.