Learning & Development

A great Chinese thinker Confucius once said – “I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand”. Experiential learning is the backbone of all Makkala Jagriti programs.

Work with Youth:

Through our work with the community youth, we have tried to ascertain why the social, economic and educational system is leading them towards feeling of inadequacy.

To address the above, since 2003 Makkala Jagriti has been imparting Youth Leadership Program for both Girls and Boys in the age group of 16 to 22 years.


  • Help them to overcome feeling of inadequacy
  • Empower them to shift out of the vicious cycle of victimization
  • Nurture them to aspire& re-instill hope
  • Help them to put to functional use their creativity and street smartness
  • Inculcate self-esteem & self confidence
  • Build courage to oppose negative influences, abuses or forces
  • Build Personal & Professional vision and goals
  • Develop leaderships skills in facilitation, presentation, planning & strategizing, teamwork, livelihood skills, managing events, communication, pro-activeness, time-management etc.

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Being the first generation youth, they have emerged as change agents in their homes and community. We have been able to enable over 1000 youth to benefit and channelize their thinking towards quality leadership skills and overcome the feeling of inadequacy.