Work with Parents

Parents being the critical stakeholders of children’s development, our effort have been to work closely with them to address the following:

  • To help them understand the role of a parent.
  • Influence them to learn about stages of child and adolescent development.
  • Awareness about safety of children and youth.
  • How well they listen and communicate to their children?
  • Significance of healthy relationship with children.
  • How do they manage and exercise issues of authority, control, discipline and freedom?
  • How well they support children’s dream and aspirations?
  • How do they manage traditional values vs modern outlook?

The parents we work with are from poor settlement communities. Most of them are domestic workers, construction laborers, garment factory workers, vegetable vendors or auto drivers. Most often they lack the educational backing.

The objective is to work with such parents to bring about a paradigm shift in their parenting. We have managed to bring such parents to participate in offsite residential programs for the past 9 years; over 600 parents have taken part in experiential training methodology. Parents have been able to understand & apply theories and concepts based on stages of child development by Dr. Maria Montessori, Emotional Intelligence from Daniel Goleman, Better understanding of interpersonal relationship by Johari Window. Further, they have worked through mental models and stereotypes, importance of gender sensitivity and significance of right and left-brain development in children.

Outcome: One of the parents said: “We always wondered what is ‘parents workshop’. According to me, workshop means take a vehicle for repair and after the repair the vehicle will run smoothly. But, after participating in parents workshop organized by Makkala Jagriti, now I understand that as parents we have been taken through a overhauling experience like a vehicle, we feel examined and cleansed and go out from here with a renewed perception of life and our children.”


Children in the age group 8 to 12 years accompany their parents during these training. While, they independently do activity related to personality development, we do bring common learning space between children and parents especially about gender sensitivity and interpersonal relationship.