Inspiring teachers to inspire

From Sage on the stage to Guide on the side

Teachers form an important part of a child’s life. An inspiring teacher can leave a lasting imprint on the child’s mind. This being critical, we believe in working with teachers from government schools, private and aided schools to help them become effective in their role as a teacher.

Through our teachers’ workshops based on experiential learning methodologies, we have been working with teachers from across different states. Our programme inspires them to examine their mental models about children, their role as teachers, the values, assumptions and beliefs. It is like a self-renewal lab for teachers to unlearn, learn and relearn.

We also strive to build capacity in teachers to turn classrooms into vibrant learning zones, by empowering them with effective teaching tools like audio-visual teach kits.

Causing a ripple effect

What happens when our classrooms go from being ‘teacher centric’ to ‘learner centric’? The overall quality of our education system improves, children enjoy learning, drop out rates reduce, and that’s only the beginning!


Sanjeev Joseph

Principal, Gurukul School

The year long programme on "Teachers as the transformational leaders' has been a unique experience as personally I gained an insight to build a relationship with myself, colleagues and the institution.

We are working at these aspects with various interventions including personal and professional mentor-ship. I can experience the change happening as I come to my daily chores at School and in personal life as well. There is a change in how I communicate with others and looking deeper into myself as individual. I feel much fresher when I do things with the help approach given by Makkala Jagriti. The enlightening journey together continues.



Science teacher from Koppal district in Karnataka

Makkala Jagriti has helped us improve our teaching everyday by providing us great resources like the Meghshala teaching kits. I have found that my classes are more effective now, children are concentrating more in class and even enjoying classes now! There is so much information that we didn’t have access to earlier, now easily available to us!

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