“I am Zaibu coming to Makkala Jagriti for the past 4.5 years. I got several opportunities here to express my talents of which I am so proud of myself. I am not shy and scared like I was before, now I co-operate in every situation – in my home, at college and in my personal life. I can stand boldly and speak to anyone. 
I think words are too few to express my feelings about Makkala Jagriti.”

“Besides all the practical skills I learned at Makkala Jagriti, I also learned good discipline and communication. We had good unity among our group and through many workshops I learned how to talk with others. I was very happy in our Youth Leadership Program. It helped make me a wonderful and meaningful girl.”


“I made many new friends and learned so much. I learned to read and also a little
English because of Aunty Thara. I failed my 10th Standard but Makkala Jagriti gave me such a good opportunity to learn auto mechanics and even helped me get a driving license. I am very thankful to Makkala Jagriti.”

“I joined Makkala Jagriti when I was 12. I learned typing and Arts and Crafts. I also attended many workshops and later went on to study engineering which keeps me very busy. Thank you Makkala Jagriti.”

“I joined the center in May 2008, I have learned computers, developed my reading skills greatly, attained general knowledge about my self worth and made new friends. What has helped me grow as a person are the many discussions we have had at the center and attending a youth workshop where we talked about the importance of setting personal boundaries and how to gain self-confidence.”

“I joined Makkala Jagriti in 2009.  I am studying in ITI. I been doing activities like reading, computer, taekwon-do, outdoor games, creativity, youth leadership training, field trips and adventure camps. My most memorable moments in the organization are field trips and outdoor games. I want to change the society by teaching children, so I want to work with Makkala Jagriti.”