Thank You Makkala Jagriti for giving me this opportunity :-) – Pushpa

The first day I entered the HSR school for volunteering, I was excited and nervous as well. I was assigned to teach spoken English for 6th children. On an average there are about 45 kids in each class, while I sometimes find it hard to handle my 3 daughters, how was I going to handle so many children and keep the attention of these children …. It was going to be a challenge.

In the beginning of every class I am greeted with a load overwhelming “Good morning miss”. In the classroom I found most of the children very eager to learn and participate, but a few would refuse to look at me in fear they would be called on. But as weeks go by I see that fear fading away and all of them opening up to me.

In the spoken English class, my first aim was to get everyone talking in complete sentences and not answer with just a word. Within a matter of 4-5 sessions, most of the children can say their names, age, where they live, greetings, names of various fruits, vegetables and colors they like and other such similar sentence. The children are a confident lot, every time a question is asked several hands go up, eager to answer. Now I am trying to incorporate their lessons via games or fun activates, trying to
get away from the classroom atmosphere. This way there will less distractions, less talking and more attention as they are all involved in the activity.

The library class, is more challenging as the children are at various levels in reading as well as comprehension. At present I’m trying to understand the level of each child and going forward will group children of similar levels and work on improving their reading and comprehension starting off with
simple books and gradually moving on to more challenging reading.

The children have so much enthusiasm that the 3 hours minutes I spend in the classroom goes by very fast. Every week I look forward to going back to their smiling faces, so eager to be there and enjoying the moment. I am also benefiting here immensely, as I am acquiring skills needs to handle a large
group of children, my creativity is being challenged as I try to come up with games and activities to keep them interested.

Thank You Makkala Jagriti for giving me this opportunity J

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