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Bringing a paradigm shift in thinking, behavior and perspectives to lead youth towards a changed future forever


Preparation for life

It’s a curious case. The Indian market is opening up, bringing unprecedented opportunities to its people. But its urban poor youth are unable to tap into these opportunities and hold on to jobs. This, despite the many initiatives available for their skill development, vocational training, and placement.

Why do such initiatives not have the desired impact and why do youth opt out of jobs, undergo depression, substance abuse, and even criminal behavior? A possible answer: efforts at building employability in youngsters do not nurture their emotional intelligence, which could help them find fulfilment in their work and thus sustain a vocation.

Yuva Jagriti is anchored in this belief. We build capacity in youth to understand and achieve their dreams, through holistic self-development, and not just vocational training.

For the gen-next Yuva café

The core purpose of the Yuva café is to create a common platform for the youth to converge for developmental opportunities. The space provides a non-threatening environment for enhancing emotional intelligence, self-awareness, confidence, self-esteem and self-respect that will nurture them and support them to find a renewed understanding of life journey.


Our approach


Identify Interests

We begin by understanding the youth’s character, interests, and competencies, to work with their strengths.


Streamline Emotions

We next help them manage the emotional upheavals of their lives and channelize attitudes towards positive goals, through personality development, mentoring, and coaching.


Enable Self-discovery

Youth undergo a transformative journey towards realising their inner potential. It fuels their confidence to overcome their socio-economic-emotional circumstances and carve out a path of success.

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