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Makkala Jagriti (literally meaning ‘Awakening of Children’) established in 2003, is an Indian non-profit organization that seeks to create a holistic learning environment for marginalized children who cannot afford holistic learning opportunities.

At Makkala Jagriti, our mission is to make a positive difference to childrens´ quality of learning and development. Our core focus is to strengthen the overall development of children.

We aim to achieve this through Intellectual, Emotional, Social, Psychological, Physical and Spiritual interventions. We facilitate (non-formal) education and development of children by augmenting their school education through diverse learning opportunities. We also work closely with their parents, schoolteachers and the community as a whole to make the learning experience more enriching.


Many studies have shown that children learn best in an environment that encourages exploration, experimentation and freedom.

Our learning centers provide a respectful environment and create many opportunities for learning and growing. Most of these children who come to our centers lack an environment that encourages learning and reading outside school, as their own parents are often illiterate or minimally educated and must battle social and economic odds everyday.
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“I am Zaibu coming to Makkala Jagriti for the past 4.5 years. I got several opportunities here to express my talents of which I am so proud of myself. I am not shy and scared like I was before, now I co-operate in every situation – in my home, at college and in my personal life. I can stand boldly and speak to anyone. 
I think words are too few to express my feelings about Makkala Jagriti.”

“I joined the center in May 2008, I have learned computers, developed my reading skills greatly, attained general knowledge about my self worth and made new friends. What has helped me grow as a person are the many discussions we have had at the center and attending a youth workshop where we talked about the importance of setting personal boundaries and how to gain self-confidence.”

“I joined Makkala Jagriti when I was 12. I learned typing and Arts and Crafts. I also attended many workshops and later went on to study engineering which keeps me very busy. Thank you Makkala Jagriti.”

“I made many new friends and learned so much. I learned to read and also a little
English because of Aunty Thara. I failed my 10th Standard but Makkala Jagriti gave me such a good opportunity to learn auto mechanics and even helped me get a driving license. I am very thankful to Makkala Jagriti.”

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